Welcome to the Sensei Oded Friedman's renowned school of karate and self-defense.

At the karate clubs under the instruction of Sensei Oded Friedman, education of values is held in the highest priority. Learning and practicing karate techniques is a means for developing both physical skills and life skills: Self-defense, coordination, strength, flexibility, speed, improved reaction time, and more. Likewise, it develops mental, cerebral, and spiritual qualities. Be faithful to your path. Endeavor to excel. Respect others. These are a sample of the principles of the Dojo-Kun, which is the basis for the art of karate, as it is learned at Beit Abba-Hushi and other karate clubs under the supervision of Sensei Oded Friedman. Karate training is suited for children, youth and adults, from age 4 and up to no limit, for women and men equally.

On December 2012 the Shorokan-Ryu Israel Organization, under the leadership of its CEO, Sensei Oded Friedman, 8th Dan I.S.K.F., and CEO of the technical committee, Sensei Mishel Biton, 6th Dan I.S.K.F., hosted Master Yutaka Yaguchi, 9th Dan I.S.K.F., in an international karate seminar that took place in Haifa, Israel. Master Yaguchi, a 9th Dan black belt, is considered one of the most senior karate instructors in the world, and serves as CEO the of technical committee for the world I.S.K.F.

He was born in Hiroshima, Japan, began his training in 1952 and was a student over the years of Master Nakayama, Master Sugiora (current CEO of the JKA), and Master Okazaki (current CEO of the world ISKF). Master Yaguchi was awarded his 1st Dan from Master Funakoshi (the father of modern karate and founder of Shotokan karate). During the seminar there were black belt examinations, in which 20 students successfully passed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan.

The three day seminar in Haifa attracted participants from all over Israel, from kindergarteners to adults aging 65+. At the seminar's conclusion there was a closing ceremony, in which the organization's CEO and the CEO of the technical committee thanked everyone who took part in the seminar and awarded gifts to the Master and his wife on behalf of the organization and its students. A Havdala ritual was held for closing Shabbat, and the Master thanked the organizers and participants of the seminar.